"After hearing Joe, my wife and I decided to fully take his advice. Within 5 days, we managed to make a budget work, work the IWBNIN Ladder to Rung 4, close 20 credit accounts, getting rid of 70k in potential debt, and have a plan on closing 100k in true debt within 5 years!"
- Stephen 
"My car just broke down last week...it needed nearly $1,000 of repairs and maintenance and guess what? It wasn't scary at all...I had the money and it felt great!"
- Valerie


  • Being able to dream again - and make those dreams become reality

  • Paying all of your bill on-time and still have money left over! 

  • Positioning yourself to pay cash for your child(ren)'s college

  • Making the decision to become a stay at home parent

  • Having a home - without a mortgage

  • Being able to work your dream job - even if it paid less money

"In one month's time we were able to: not only pay all the bills on time but catch up on past bills, get my wife's car fixed and rent a car while it was in the shop, use our bonus as an ACTUAL bonus, take a short unplanned vacation, and we currently have something we have never had before...a buffer in our checking account!" 
- Matthew