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monday money tip podcast: joe’s current investments

Welcome back to another episode of the Monday Money Tip Podcast! This week, we will discuss the stock market in our Current Money Events segment and you’ll hear the “Joe Sangl” approach when it comes to investing and the diversification of income. Lastly, we will share a success story from a listener who created financial margin in her life and even forgot it was payday!

change your mindset on budgets

What thoughts or emotions come to mind when you think about creating a budget? Frustrating? Horrible? Painful? I’d rather go to the dentist for a root canal? This used to be my mindset on budgeting so I completely understand every negative emotion that you feel. However, when I decided to change my financial future I knew that the key to this was a budget. In order to actually create a budget and follow through with it, I had to change how I viewed a budget and I’m here to tell you that you can too.

Monday Money Tip Podcast: Bite-Sized debt

Happy Monday! Another episode of the Monday Money Tip Podcast is live and this week we will share with you how you can break down your debt into bite sized pieces. We will give you updated statistics about the average student loan payment and more in our Current Money Events segment. We will also share a success story from an individual who saved money in her budget by simply asking for a better deal.


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