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Have A Debt-Free Vacation With This Tool

Are you going to take a vacation this year? My guess is that your answer is YES. You have probably already decided when and where you want to go and have started dreaming about it. Now, how are you going to fund this vacation you’ve dreamed up? If you start planning now, you could fund it with cash!

By planning ahead of time, you can more accurately see just how much each aspect of your vacation will cost. You can anticipate travel, gas, lodging, food, entertainment and other expenses. 

MONDAY MONEY TIP PODCAST: Maximize your tax refund

This week on the Monday Money Tip Podcast, we’re sharing what you can do in order to maximize any tax refund that you may receive this year! We know that many people will receive a tax refund and we want to make sure you are able to maximize any money that comes your way! In addition, we will be sharing a success story from a man who created a budget and was able to pay off three medical bills and begin tithing consistently! 

How Much House Can I Afford?

Are you looking to purchase a home in 2019? Many people buy a house outside of their price range and end up in a huge financial mess. This doesn’t have to be you! Before you get ready to purchase a house, you should check out our Mortgage Payment Calculator to help you decide how much house you can really afford. 

Before you purchase a house, you should consider a couple of things:


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