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EPISODE 28: 8 Ways to Speed Up Debt Elimination

Welcome back to another episode of the Monday Money Tip Podcast! Many people made a resolution this year to eliminate debt, so today we will be sharing eight ways that you can speed up your debt payoff journey in 2019. We will also check in on your progress from your other 2019 resolutions and share a success story from one of our Savings Challenge participants.

About the Episode: 

  • Joe shares how you can carry your New Year's resolutions throughout the year by focusing on your daily habits.

  • Joe and Megan discuss eight specific things you can do to gain significant traction in your debt payoff journey.

  • Hear a success story from participants of our last Savings Challenge who saved $6,000 in their annual budget.

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Quote of the Day:
“I’ve never seen anyone achieve financial freedom by obtaining lots of credit card points and airline miles.” - Joe Sangl

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