Looking for helpful resources when it comes to your personal finances?

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Personal Finances
I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. - Buy directly from IWBNIN or Amazon 

Oxen: The Key to an Abundant Harvest - Buy directly from IWBNIN or Amazon

Kids & Money
What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter The Real World - Buy directly from IWBNIN or Amazon


The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving - Randy Alcorn

The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living - Robert Morris

Fields of Gold - Andy Stanley

Personal Finances
Financial Peace, Revisited - Dave Ramsey

Your Money Counts - Howard Dayton

Business By The Book - Larry Burkett


Rich Dad. Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poo and Middle Class Do Not! - Robert Kiyosaki

The Cash Flow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom - Robert Kiyosaki

The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich - David Bach

The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent - David Chilton


Small Business:
Me, Myself, and Bob - Phil Vischer

Business By The Book - Larry Burkett


Kids & Money
Financial Peace Junior Kit: Teaching Kids How to Win With Money - Dave Ramsey

Junior's Adventures: Storytime Book Set - Dave Ramsey