Investing is any activity which allows you to capture the power of compound interest and use if for your financial benefit. Every single dream you have will cost money. If you want to fund the biggest dreams of your life, you must invest. A farmer clearly understand this fact. What if the farmer chose to "hope" for a harvest but refused to sow seed into the ground? There would be nothing to gather at harvest time! 

There is no HARVEST if you do not INVEST.


Ultimately, insurance products were created to transfer risk. Life will happen, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Having the appropriate insurance is a foundational element that will help you remain on the IWBNIN Ladder without having a life event knock you completely off of it. 

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow."
Proverbs 13:11

You Can Do This Application

  • Use the "Retirement Nest-Egg Required Calculator" to determine the amount needed for retirement.
  • Use the "Investment Value Calculator" to determine the monthly savings required to reach Retirement Nest-Egg Goal
  • Obtain at least three new quotes on auto and homeowner's/renter's insurance

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